DSS Accepted

Make a fresh start …

We have some property owners willing to accept DSS claiming residents in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Why Move to Wakefield?

The cost of living in the City of Wakefield is realistic for people living on income support or starting work on the minimum wage. This avoids the “benefit trap” of being unable to accept agency work because local rental costs are too high. “In work” benefits can provide families with a reasonable standard of living from minimum wage employment.

Re-employment (if Possible)

DSS move into employment through agency warehouse work.Because of it’s central location next to the M1 & M62 there is a large distribution & production base that affords modestly skilled work. This is suitable for re-entering the workplace through agency employment. People move to Wakefield from all over the world to start again. It is much easier to get permanent better paid employment from an agency job than from unemployment.

Living in Yorkshire

DSS move to wakefield for quality of life.
Yorkshire has a high quality of life ranging from beautiful rural tourist attractions to multi-cultural city attractions that are affordable on even a modest budget. The pace of life gives people time for one another & it is easy to make new friends.

DSS Property

Property in Wakefield offers a surprising amount of space for the price compared to most other UK regions. They are suitable for couples & small families who normally get full rental cover from local Housing Benefit. We can also accommodate singles in shared housing. We can let on 3 month Leases that allow flexibility to move at a months notice (from a rent day).

About you

We are looking for responsible people seeking to make a new start.  We can accept pets although this limits future access to property. Letting to anyone is subject to our decision made on a breadth of factors. The ability to pay deposit & rent in advance is desirable. We charge a one-off fee of £114 to move in.

  • For more information, see our current property www.shakoor.co or;
  • Contact Mark now on 07950 631590.