Landlord Fees

Prices are all inclusive; Shakoor & Co Properties Limited is not currently required to charge VAT.

Single Let Property

Fully Managed

For full management we will agree a percentage of the rent collected that ranges between 9-14% to reflect the nature of tenancy achievable.  We do not charge Landlords to find a tenant, any set-up or annual tenancy renewal fees with fully managed service.  It includes:

  • 3 monthly inspections;
  • Recording maintenance requests for Section 21 or Section 8 compliance;
  • Chasing late rents;
  • Paying rent to you within 3 days of receipt.

Please note that in the event of default whilst we will aim to negotiate a Lease surrender, the Landlord has final responsibility for eviction if required.  Hence maintaining complete compliance with housing law maintains a strong bargaining position & the ability to use accelerated eviction procedure under Section 21.

To let a new property may also require:-

Description Price
An annual Gas Safety Certificate £55
An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) that must be at least an E rating lasts 10 years, unless improvements are made that increase it & the potential rental yield. £65
Installation of 2 domestic smoke alarms with expected 10 year battery life & a CO2 monitor for fire safety compliance. £65

Find a Tenant

Our process of tenant finding aims to maximise the security of the let relative to the quality of the property.  We may move existing tenants with proven performance up-stream or advertise to achieve a choice; screening for people who will take care of the property; price £375.  This includes deposit protection with the DPS where required, a copy of the inventory & meter readings.

HMO (House of Multiple Occupation)

If your property is an HMO or suitable for conversion we would normally let it directly from you with an effective guaranteed rent.  We are then responsible for the sub-letting of rooms, payment of bills, Council Tax & it’s furnishing.  You remain responsible for repairs including shared cooker, washing machine & refrigerators.  The major additional expenses to consider are:

Wakefield Landlord Fees HMO Kitchen

  • Panel fire alarm;
  • Fire doors on bedrooms with thumb turn locks;
  • HMO License from Wakefield Council where there are  >4 rooms = £600+;
  • Appropriate insurance & Buy To Let mortgage.

Shakoor Construction is experienced in the conversion of properties into H.M.O’s & bedsits to maximise value.  This may include attic & basement conversions, partitioning, installation of en-suite shower suites & mini kitchen units.

  • For more information or to arrange a valuation, please Contact Us.